IMG_8675The Eye Gouge Head allows you to become familiar with the human head and the location of the eyes relative to the other facial or structural features of the skull. Practicing on this “replica head” enables you to become confident and competent in the bio-mechanics of attacking from various angles (whether from behind, in-front, beside, above or below the eye sockets). The natural angles and anchor points of the Eye Gouge Head are very similar to a real human head which allows you to gain knowledge about ranges as well as learning both the advantages and disadvantages from a 360 degree practice platform. We recommend to have the training eyes out for some of the drills so that you can see the actual interior structure of the tapered eye socket and practice penetrating into the depth of the orbit. This practice also allows the user to become familiar with actually performing the task and readying the mindset for such an event. After less than an hours practice, students became “comfortable” with simulating an eye “gouge”. They “finally had a chance to practice what was only a concept target before”.The Eye Gouge Head is light weight and is able to be taken anywhere and practiced in private if preferred. It does not require any special set up functions.

**Punching the Eye Gouge Head is not recommended**.

*As in the real world, punching to the head can cause significant injury to the hand as the human skull bones/plates are extremely thick and have much more mass and density than the hand. Therefore the risk of losing finite motor skills with broken/ dislocated fingers/connective tissue may prohibit you from using your hand(s) for important complex tasks such as manipulating firearms/weapons, using radios/phones, opening doors or accessing and using car keys etc. The Eye Gouge Head is therefore not designed or intended to be punched as would be a regular “striking dummy” used for traditional gloved or barehanded sport/martial arts training. There are many great striking dummies on the market for that purpose!

Warning: All the following or above mentioned mentioned tactics are extremely injurious in the real world which is why all trainees must understand the legal ramifications of using violence to prevent or extricate themselves or others from an attack. All users should consult the governing criminal and civil laws applicable to “self defence” in their region (as well as other jurisdictions when visiting) and fully understand other options of social de-escalation and escape prior to having to use violence to defend themselves. Consult your agency subject matter experts (SMES’s) for your best practice tactics and techniques.