Blue Training Systems (creator of the Eye Gouge Head) is a small business dedicated to increasing the safety of law enforcement, military, corrections, security operators and civilians by making their training experiences more realistic.

The owner of BTS is a veteran law enforcement officer with over 27 years of policing experience in a major metropolitan police agency in Canada. He has spent a majority of his service teaching officers force options including: CQB, OCS, Baton, Tactical Communication, Multiple Assailants, RBT, Winning Mindset, Crowd Control, Edged Weapons, Ground Tactics, Officer/Citizen Rescue, Baker Bat Shield, Lowlight Tactics and Waterborne Combatives. He recognized a missing component (non-realistic training heads) in the collection of training equipment and RBT gear. He is also interested in learning about different martial arts systems and holds a black belt in Shotokan Karate (ISKF/JKA/BC).

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